Gods & Aliens

by stewart

Over 50 years ago, when we first began on the spiritual Path, I asked our Teacher the following question about God, the Light and Extra-Terrestrials: with their potential influence on early knowledge and our present day lives. This question and answer occurred long before TV Shows such as “Ancient Aliens” and UFO documentaries.

Q: If ET’s gave knowledge to early man and were worshiped as Gods, providing the basic knowledge to build civilization, how does this fit into our view of the Light and God?

A: Consider, what if ET’s helped build early civilizations and brought basic knowledge to early humanity, Who or What do you think Created them? Remember, the Light has Given form and substance to many, many things and is the binding Force of all the Universes.

While not directly answering this question, wanting the student to do their own work, enough substance was provided to help point the questioner in the most useful direction. Focus on the Light.


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