At Sunset

by stewart

Typically at sunset, the day’s activities wind down

and people prepare something to eat.

For many, as the evening progresses, it is a time to pause

and reflect upon what was accomplished and left undone.


For the spiritual traveler, the hour approaches

when daily responsibilities are complete

and it is time to go inward- into that magical world of spirit-

where all things begin and become possible.


It is here that the traveler connects with their spiritual Center

and draws power and inspiration to create and go forward.

Here at the soul’s heart, the boundary between worlds is thinnest

and communication from the other side more easily experienced.


Listen to Your Higher Self- at your Center-

it is always connected to the Source.

Daily be still and remember who you are- a spiritual traveler;

This awareness will Guide you through your days

and take you into the next place.


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