Dr. Stewart Bitkoff In the spiritual stew, questions and answers comprise an important part. Within each traveler, there is a burning or ‘great yearning’ to uncover and define the missing piece. As life unfolds, answers to inner questions are realized and the ‘great yearning’ is filled through personal experience, the Light, a spiritual path and a teacher’s guidance.

Remember, both the question and answer are already inside of you. What you require is a conduit to help you realize this. Let me assist, as the Light Wills, providing information and answering some of your basic questions concerning life, the spiritual journey, death and religion. Please complete the contact form to offer a question.  Dr. Bitkoff may answer your question directly, or he may use it as inspiration for a blog post, poem or other writing to answer you, and many others with simlar inquiries. Be sure to check back regularly – your questions, and answer, will likely appear in some form on Dr. Bitkoff’s site in the future.

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