A Star for the Dark Night

by stewart

It has been awhile since I’ve been to the top of the mountain and danced with stars. Again the stars beckon and remind me of my Eternal Self. The Self that has traveled to so many places and experienced so many things. It is the Self that will take me onward up into the night and folic again among the galaxies.

Consider the billions who come here; each arrives with an individual life plan that is written and influenced by the stars. Also consider the countless energy strands that inter-weave and connect every one. What an astonishing thing! What manner of Being designed this endless connecting panorama and designated Helpers to run and coordinate it all.

Billions and billions of connections and creatures- all vibrating in tune with the never ending- ever evolving universe. All to what purpose?

So that He/She might be known and experienced over and over again. It is Divine Love that is the water that gives life and Light to us all.

Make no mistake about it: you will have many choices and many experiences. All so that you might express who you already are- a Star for the Dark Night- a light to shine across the galaxy- together with all the other lights.


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