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While Dr. Bitkoff does not practice, promote or align himself or his writing with any organized religion, not surprisingly people from all religions and spiritual backgrounds relate to his work, since it is based on “Sufism”. The word “Sufism” is used to explain the perception and use of the underlying reality, which has been termed an essence or spiritual energy, which gives form and substance to all things. The perception and use of this essence, has been called the ‘Science of Man’.”

Many can relate to Dr. Bitkoff’s writing and as a result numerous groups have asked to post his work and writing on their websites. Since he is not in the business of censoring, who can or can’t, should or shouldn’t, read and relate to his writing, any and all people are encouraged to partake in his wonderful gift and take away what they can from his works. With this in mind, you can view Dr. Bitkoff’s original works on the following sites:

Technology of the Heart (Formerly Mystic Saint Blogspot)

Finding a Teacher (PDF available at Technology of The Heart website)

Spiritual Traveler: Need for a Teacher (PDF available at Technology of The Heart website)

Journal: Sufism: An Inquiry

The Mystical School, Vol. XIII, NO. 2

Higher Knowledge & Spiritual Experience: What to Buy, Vol. XIII, NO.3

Enlightenment: An Initial Discussion, Vol. XIII, No.4

Completing Evolution: Interactions Between Student, Teacher & Path, Vol. XIV, No 1 Spring, 08

Spirituality & Community Magazine

Commuting & Enlightenment: Is it Possible?

Higher Knowledge: The Enriching & Enabling Factor

Two Poems featured in July 2007 Issue

The Star Child

Three Poems:“And He Went Into the Desert, The Child, And He Shall Walk Among, Us Again” (a collection of poetry)

‘Remember’ A Process of Change
Belief Bottled Water
Daily Prayer Desires (2) , Fear
Each House Has a Door Happiness
In Search Of Truth Meditation (s)
On Summer Nights Religion
Spiritual Sight Starfish, Angel of Death, Formless
The Greatest Treasure The River
The Song Bird Three Reflections
What The Master Offers With Emotion


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