The Garden Again

by stewart

​Sometimes I live in a fantasy;

a world of my creation

where people are more generous

kind and helping others.

It isn’t that this generosity

and good spirit does not exist;

It’s that we need more of it,

and I am saddened by the ill feeling

and conflict in so many areas.


I see a world where the sick, infirm and elderly

are treated with love and respect; are provided

with what they need to live, thrive and get care.


I see a world where the hungry, homeless

and fleeing their country due to war and injustice

are welcomed and cherished.


I see a world that is not consumed by greed,

competition and making money.

Just to have more and more.

I see a world of plenty

where resources are shared openly.


I see a world where people do not destroy

the beauty and glory of natural resources

to control the population and make money.


This is the world I see

and hope one day will be Recreated;

appearing again before us

so we live in peace, joy and comfort.

This was the Original Design- in the Garden-

before, greed, control and excessive self interest

destroyed and forced us out.


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