Summer Heat

by stewart

As we approach Memorial Day, people are preparing for summer: lawns are getting cut, swimming pools are being set-up, dogs receive summer cuts, students are graduating and people walk around in shorts and tank tops.

Personally, as it warms up, I steer away from the heat of the sun and stay in doors a lot- going out mostly in early morning and evening; avoiding the hottest part of the day. I can no longer lay-out beside the pool- the heat and my skin sensitivity have made this difficult.

Years ago, I remember when an elderly relative was visiting and I asked her if she would like to join us in the back yard pool, she remarked, ‘No I will just stay in the shade and watch you all swim about. I am more comfortable here.’ At the time, not fully understanding her reasoning: going in the water was a great way to cool-off. Now I am older and understand the need to stay in the shade. As I age my body struggles with extremes of both heat and cold.

In many ways, getting older limits some of our physical enjoyment. Slowly switching to another way to experience and do things.


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