Short Subjects (3)

by stewart

Improving The Camp Site

One of the teachings around camping: leave the camp site better than when you found it.

The carry-over: take ‘improving the camp site’ to the larger world. Make your personal contribution and role in society that which improves self, family and your community/world.


Republicans & Democrats

What if there were no Republicans or Democrats only good people, serving in government, doing the right thing?

What if there were no flags of countries only a banner declaring- Citizens of the Universe?

That is a dream I had.

At this point, you can see why it was only a dream- can’t you?


Modern Life Killing You

For some time now, I have seen how modern life is killing us. From the food we eat, how we live on top of each other in large cities, from our lack of physical exercise, being forced to work so many hours throughout the year, commuting long distances to work, alienation and drug abuse, social isolation: I could go on and I am certain you have your own list.

How did we stray so far from healthy living? And what to do to correct things?


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