2 Reviews: Songs Against The Darkness

by stewart

Enjoy the following 2 reviews of my new book.

Review #1 by A M

Gently branched into two separate yet related short books, Songs Against the Darkness is an engagingly insightful assortment of precious and relevant human experiences.

The first book Rosetta’s Stone takes us on an explorative adventure through a woman’s intimate and insightful assessment of her own life. Although initially appearing random and typical, Rosetta’s life takes on strong patterns of meaning and value over time via her own personal processes of introspection. I found this book captivating! It was a consistent reminder that when we take the time to observe the lives we lead; life can be so rich and rewarding on so many levels. Much like Rosetta, we are always exactly where we need to be in order to accept the gifts Life offers us. Rosetta’s Stone just might be the key you’ve been searching for all along…

The second book Raising a Candle is a collection of poems and personal insights. A wonderful and intimate contemplation into the various aspects of one’s inner Universe. The journey, the struggles, the treasures! Much like the first part of Songs Against The Darkness, this is a collection of penetrating insights. The placement of this second part of the book is perfect in terms of its timing, as one almost gets the feeling this is where Rosetta ends up…at the beginning of her true journey.

In both books the author remains true to his Sufic roots. in Rosetta’s Stone we observe the human capacity to find the potential value of spiritual growth by means of simple everyday activities. This leads us to the second book which provides a more detailed description of the various inner worlds we may encounter.  This book is definitely recommended to all those looking for a comprehensive accounting and portrayal of human life on Earth, and all its treasures!

Review #2 by David Paquiot

If Dr. Bitkoff didn’t author it, I’d have off-put by the book subtitled ‘A Book For Today’s Dark Times.’ Please do not mistake this for one of those pop-psych books that will only offer re-branded aphorisms as solutions to life’s complex challenges.

Looking over the breadth of Dr. Bitkoff’s work, what keeps me reading, is being presented with situations/stories that get me re-examining my life. It is almost as if his books help precipitate a much need conversation with myself. For example, after reading Part 1: Rosetta’s Stone, I had to put the book down. I started re-examining whether I had learned anything from my first-time father’s experiences during the COVID pandemic. Was I living up to my spiritual potential? Had I been of service to anyone else but myself over the last few months?

I walked away richer for reading through this book, and I am confident that readers will gravitate towards a few melodies with each reading that will add something to their journeying. I highly recommend this book

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