Book Review: Songs Against The Darkness

by stewart

Sufis say that the only people who can really understand Sufi Literature are those who no longer need what it contains. Everyone else can profit from Sufi writings. “You cannot understand unless you have experienced “they say, “but we have been raised on words, and words can be used to connect the inner and outer worlds. “

And this is exactly what Dr Stewart’s book “Songs Against the Darkness “ does. Cleverly using his main character Rosetta’s reflections on her life; where she is now and how she got there; Stewart illustrates experiences that most of us will be able to recognise. Rosetta’s experiences, and the use she makes of them can help anyone who cares to look deeper into their own Soul.

This is really two books in one. Book two, Raising a Candle, is a collection of thought provoking essays. Again, a “must read. “

Everyone should read this book! Only good can come out of it, so it is well worth the effort.

Steve Tidbury.

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