The Higher Service

by stewart

Duty is a task that you must accomplish; it is a requirement of the situation and something which many people can do.  For example if you are a baker you must come to work on time, complete your work and act responsibly to customers and co-workers.  These are some of the general duties of a baker.

If these duties were to be totaled, they would constitute your overall service as a baker. Service can be described as the compilation, total or outcome of a variety of duties and usually described in relation to other people. Therefore you bake bread for others.

Service on another level relates to duties which are communicated and carried out on a spiritual plane. When one is in service to God/Light personal will is stilled and the servant acts in accord with the Master’s Desire.

Here the servant and Master are one and the duties which are performed constitute the higher service.

*          *

The allegory of a treasure hunt or a search for a hidden secret is an old one.  While no real treasure may exist, in terms of jewels or gold, there is indeed a precious, hidden factor.

The inner capacity to perceive or analyze everyday events in a different way is the ancient treasure.  Hidden within each of us is an ‘organ’ which under the proper circumstances can perceive and know the real patterns which shape our lives.

This capacity to see past the ordinary is our birthright and is awakened in those who are fitted for it.  The degree to which this capacity is activated is in relation to the traveler’s need in service to others.

It becomes operational only as it is used to help others and give people what they need; not what they think they need.  That is how it works.

Service as its highest level occurs when we are able to look at ordinary events and turn them into jewels which really benefit others.

*          *

Traveler:        Holy One, tell me of Service.

Master:           As the stars in the heavens give light to the darkness, as the sun gives warmth to the land, as the rain quiets the flower’s thirst, so, it is with all God’s Creation. Each is created to do God’s bidding.

Be like the river that waters the countryside and gives to all the people. Some will come to drink the water and others will come to leave their waste. Some will come to make their home and others will come to learn the secrets.  Like the river let each take what they need and flow onward.

Traveler:        What is the nature of the service that I must do?

Master:           Each traveler is created with many talents and the answer lies within.

Ask God and God will Guide you to your destiny.  If you remember God’s Name, morning and evening, God will fill you with strength and your questions will have answers.

Higher service is performing tasks that are aligned with the higher destiny.


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