Reviews: Light on the Mountain

by stewart

Looking for a read that will lift you higher and help you focus on what can be done to help make you and this world better? Check out 3 new reviews of my book.


  • Amazon, 5 Star Review

I have known Stewart for some years now and have read most of his writings. I think this one is his best. Light on the Mountain is like looking into a mirror which reflects our present world. Hear we find all the errors of our days. Learning of the LIGHT and surrendering to its beauty is a lesson yet to be learned by a large portion of our population but it is essential knowledge if we wish to repair the damage done so far. Read it, and if you are ready for its message then look about you and see what you can do to bring about change. Thank you Stewart, for delivering such a clear and beautiful message.

-Rev. Charles T. Weatherford


  • Amazon, 5 Star Review

Wonderful book!

-Delana Metcalf


  • Excerpts from Review

From the beginning, Light on the Mountain’s atmosphere is ethereal and winding. There’s a sense of uplifting energy and upward movement to the characters as they explore what this awakening means to them . . . and a message of hope that streams from the Ancient One to mankind as a whole: “Know each is born into this world so they can reach higher. Here there is an opportunity to advance. Each is a soul who must travel through the many worlds to find completion…Accept the Light and make your life an hour of service.

It’s a parable of hope and an affirmation of the power of Light in the face of personal, political, and social darkness, and its ability to both enlighten and entertain makes for a winning combination that considers possible paths to a better world.

-Diane Donovan, Editor, Donovan’s Literary Services

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