S. Bitkoff, TV Appearances

by stewart

S. Bitkoff, TV Appearances– Sufism: Impact Spirit Has On The World

Yesterday was an eventful day! I want to thank host, Robert Moyer for inviting me to appear on his TV show “Tuning In” (airs on BCTV) where we discussed Sufism: The Impact The Spirit Has On The World and my book, ‘Sufism for Western Seekers.’ You can watch both 30 minute shows by following the link below. Enjoy. Please share with friends. Thanks. SB.

To View Shows Go To: http://www.bctv.org/search/?q=&t=video+OR+vmix+OR+youtube&l=10&d=&d1=&d2=&s=start_time&sd=desc&f=html


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