Bending of Will

by stewart

As the willow bends to the wind

And the leaf curls to the rain,


O Lord, I surrender to You.

*       *

Following a spiritual path, early on, travelers are taught that life is up to them: we come into the earth phase with a multitude of talents, free will, a destiny or life plan and a wondrous world to express the many aspects of self.

Similarly, spiritual travelers are taught that higher levels of spiritual expression are achieved through submission; turning personal intention over to that which is highest both in themselves and the universe.  Further in submission or giving up of self, which is not passive but active, the spiritual traveler finds completion and service. The great master or Sufi exists as an extension of the higher will; with each breath and action taken for the Beloved.

At first glance, personal action based upon free will choice and submission to that which is highest appear opposed, and directly opposite to each other.  Yet for the spiritual traveler, there is a point at which these seemingly contradictory states merge; this coming together of personal will and submission to the higher is achieved through the alchemy of love.

Because we are in love, we wish to do what our Beloved wants.  This fire of love, or burning, described by the mystic alters the consciousness: turning personal need into submission or bending of will; by practicing this bending of will, like the willow in the wind, the traveler becomes a stage upon which the Divine enters.



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