Finding Your Own Inner Song

by stewart

The following interchange between student (Nestor) and Master (Vesudeva) takes place beside the river Velo; here Vesudeva helps Nestor unlock the ancient mysteries and learn to listen to his own inner song.  This excerpt is taken from The Ferryman’s Dream; and can be ordered through this blog.  Click on the image.

*     *

During the heat of midday, both Vesudeva and Nestor rested beside the river.  They sipped of mint tea and ate a meal of berries and vegetable onion stew that Nestor had prepared earlier.

As both men finished eating their lunch, they sat quietly listening to the river.  The river’s song was the song of life and as you listened to the river, in time you could hear your own song.  Once you experienced your own inner song, you could hear the music in all things.  Every living thing had its own melody, awareness and energy.

These were some of the mysteries that Vesudeva unlocked for Nestor and as Nestor’s inner awareness grew he learned more about self and the world.

In time Vesudeva began to speak. The lesson, what they had been sharing in their moment of silent prayer and attunement changed to a spoken form.

“You see, we all are created like this river for a multitude of purposes.  We have a function to serve that is both singular and multilevel.  Many people go through their lives and are content with the surface learning.  Their world view of the people about them is sufficient. It answers questions and provides a structure in which to express self.  Then there are others who for different reasons cannot find expression in this form.  They burn for something else.  Some of these travelers become our students. Their destiny primarily is a spiritual one.”

“One person is not better than another. Each serves a purpose and is part of the Plan.  Your responsibility is to uncover who you are and once this has been accomplished help others.”


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