How To Lead An Original Life

by stewart

In any form of learning people require a structure.  If you wish to live an original life and fulfill your own, individual potential follow these principles.

  • Strive to lead a balanced life and avoid excess.
  • Enter into the mainstream of your community.  Strive to become an ‘ordinary’ citizen within the society you find yourself.
  • Seek to help others.
  • Say the prayer of submission each morning and evening.  Prayer is intended as a joy not a burden.
  • Follow the religion of your birth and fully embrace it. This is a starting point for more advanced study. If you are not able to follow the religion of your birth then say the prayer of submission.
  • Abstain from mind altering drugs and stimulants. Rarely use alcohol.
  • Follow your heart wherever it may lead you. You have a Life Plan and must learn to follow it.
  • Spiritual learning is part of life. It is intended as a center from which to come forward. Lead a complete life.
  • Avoid people who are obsessional.  Be someone who is not “weird” and is normal.  Try to be someone whom you would trust.
  • Remember to trust yourself. You have everything you need inside of you for the journey. Listen to your higher self -it knows your Life Plan.
  • Make your way to the teacher.
  • Remember people are different and there are many paths. Find your own path, embrace and follow it.

An original life is a life that is lived in accord with the Higher Design and your own individual Life Plan. It implies the traveler strives to use their many abilities in the world and has reached a level of personal maturity.

A Life Plan is an inner ‘blueprint’ for the course of your life and includes those things you wish to accomplish and identifies factors necessary for accomplishing goals.  To enact your Life Plan you bring with you the skills, talents and temperament necessary to accomplish what you have come here to accomplish.  Aspects of your Life Plan remain unknown to you and are the province of the Unseen Forces.

This way does not require that you do something dramatic. It requires that you do something purposeful and become someone who is useful.  The servant seeks to serve and be of use.  Fulfill your potential by traveling to all the parts of yourself and remembering daily that you are the son or daughter of a King.  Seek to make your life a song and prayer to the Highest.


This is taken from: The Ferryman’s Dream which is available on or local bookstore.


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