Deep, Deep Stillness

by stewart

Spiritual states are like fine caresses; they are states of consciousness which come and go, and for the spiritual traveler are to be experienced then left behind. They are a joyful time of Union and learning; an opportunity to experience our transcendent self and the Light of Being.

Deep, Deep Stillness

Give me the peace that comes from that deep, deep stillness.  For a time, take me away from all the cares, trials and worry of this life. Let me fly and return to that joyful place so I might again bathe in the shiny Light of Being.

Like all things- there is up and down, joy and pain, love and hate. Yet, where is the peace of that deep, deep stillness.  It has been gone so long. O Lord, return me to that place of Being.

Why do I continue to languish in the ruins of yesterday’s dreams and the slow decay of flesh?  O Lord, reach down and provide a ladder for me to climb; help lift me up into that deep, deep stillness, and  I might again be at peace.


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