by stewart

Seeing reality and what is before you, at times, is very difficult. Most of our life we go through each day working, striving and creating. Then one day, we are confronted by the reality that all our strivings, while important and useful at the time, must be left behind.  Before us is a great chasm of decay, withdrawal and vast eternal possibility.

Slowly for some- formerly important characteristics of life fade or are taken away. These things which once filled our hours are no longer viable or what is important. What is important is what is right in front of us: this chasm of decay, this openness of a sea of not knowing.  When we leave this place, after the physical withdrawal, what will we find?  No one really knows; it is a matter of speculation based upon past experience and personal knowing.  For the spiritual, there is one type of experience and for most others another type which is tied primarily to the physical world.

Yet this emptiness and possibility is right there all the time and somehow we learn to turn away and focus on the now; what is possible in the present and our physical life- losing for a time- the ever persistent reality of decay, withdrawal and death of the physical.

O this illusion we all live under?  How necessary for life of this body.


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