Ancient Treasure

by stewart

When we were children

There was a game we would play.

My bothers and I would ask

Where the greatest treasure was hidden.

Was it buried beneath the sands of Arabia,

Or buried in the mines of Africa?

Were the riches to be uncovered

In the tombs of the Egyptian Kings,

Or was the gold of Cortez a finer prize?


As we grew older

We continued our search;

Journeying into different parts of the land.

We built our homes

On a mountain, in a city,

And by the sea.  Each looking

In our own way for the key.


The one day

I met a man

Who told me:

The treasure you have sought

Lies within.

When you uncover The Name

Beneath the layers of dust

That surrounds your heart,

The Gates of Paradise will open.


And each day

As the Light flows across my heart,

This Jewel sparkles a little more-

Singing Praise to the Light’s ever lasting glory.



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