In The Deepest Ocean

by stewart

What is the meaning of life?

O how many times

I have asked this question

And no answer was forthcoming.

Today by Your Grace

And answer is in my heart.


My heart sings

The meaning can be experienced

In the deepest Ocean,

And as You Will

We are able to fathom the depths.

By Your Grace

We arrive at the Ocean

And contemplate the water.


Each is a grain of sand

Waiting on the shore;

And when the tides comes in,

And Lifts us up,

Taking us out to sea,

We journey the depths.


You are the Creator

And we are the children.

You have given us life

To sing Your Praise.

We were created

As Your representatives on this earth,

And those who love and honor others

Are closest to Your Heart.


To find the meaning

We must ask and work

For the betterment of all.

And as You Will

We shall experience ourselves

In the Glory of Your Holy Name.


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