About Teachings

by stewart

When a Teaching is given it is both transcendent or universal and specific to time and place.  Usually offered to a targeted audience or person but also containing a message (Light) for others.  This combination of factors confuses people.  To some it may appear as a contradiction. Wondering how a Teaching can be both things at once; limited by time and place yet hold meaning for all people.

On an external level, Teachings are limited by time and place (culture); bound to specific circumstance and offered to a particular person or social grouping.  Internally, because they are connected to Light or Universal Truth, they also transcend time and space.

So for their time, Teachings are the Way to connect with Ultimate Reality. Teachings are continually being updated, and within this context offered discontinuously- that is- not offered anytime the seeker desires to learn; it must be the right time, right place and right people must be together. Also Teachings are usually specific to particular people and groupings; consequently what works in one country, one group of seekers, may not work in another; yet internally Real Teachings are connected by Ultimate Reality, which the seeker personally experiences.

For the spiritual traveler who is searching for a teaching, there is a diversity to choose from. Depending upon the sincerity within a seeker’s heart (desiring the Teaching solely for the Teaching’s sake – love of the Teaching) a Real Teaching will call to them.  A Real Teaching being a Way, of which there are many, that is connected to Ultimate Truth and experienced internally by the seeker.

If a Teaching appeals to you; follow it and see where it leads.  Remember your heart is the ultimate judge and when you experience your transcendent self within the Light of a Way: your heart will rejoice and celebrate, as it begins to make its Way Home.


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