2 More Reviews: The World of Pond Stories, By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

by stewart

  • Book Review, 5 Star

Well he’s done it again! In a most mind capturing way, as once you start reading “The World of Pond Stories” you will have a most difficult time putting it down, at least I did.

I consider myself extremely fortunate for discovering the great Teacher we know as Dr. Stewart Bitkoff; a few years back I came across this most wonderful man who was using animals and nature, to describe some seriously deep spiritual lessons.

There is no doubt you can share these wonderful lessons with everyone in the family, young, old, wise or just starting to collect knowledge, all will enjoy and marvel at the story they have just read, as it leaves their mind with a most wonderful and spiritually touching experience.

This is not my first Dr. Stewart Bitkoff book and I can guarantee you it will not be my last, as long as he writes there are great jewels of wisdom to be collected, in the form of Stewart’s books.

– Matthew Greenlee

  • Book Review, 5 Star

“The World of Pond stories are a delightful light-hearted collection of short stories. The book uses the pond as an analogy for the world in which we live.

“Master Turtle” takes us on a journey and uses his environment, and the other inhabitants within it such as turtles, grasshoppers, dragonflies and more, to explain aspects of human nature, and other more spiritual concepts.

The book is broken down into several sections based around the book’s characters and settings. Typical chapters are: “Turtle and Grasshopper Stories,” “Silver Minnow Catching Stories,” “Meadow Stories,” and much more.

Each tale has an inner dimension, which is explained following each story. These are useful as “boosters” to help the reader to grasp the intended meaning more fully, or could be helpful in explaining the stories to a child.

A thoroughly captivating way to help give children a sound grounding in concepts that will help them to take their place in the world as intelligent and caring adults.

Adults too can benefit from these tales by learning how to interpret stories in a manner that is sadly becoming ever more uncommon today.”

-Julian Hadlow


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