Why Don’t We Remember Past Lives?

by stewart

The book of your life

Is filled with many blank pages;

You are free to write on them

Whatever you choose.

*     *

People do not remember past lives for different reasons.

Generally this information is not pertinent to this experience and part of our present journey. For some, this information might serve as a distraction and possibly a burden; keeping us from accomplishing what we need to learn this time around.

The present physical body is constructed from many elements and is new- having no conscious memory of past experience. In some respect, it is like a brand new car with no mileage on it and no past history- clean without a previous owner/driver. Conversely people can and do recall aspects of past lives.

This occurs under at least 2 conditions: when they are spiritually advanced enough to absorb this information without causing a major life disruption; or when this information is necessary for learning in this particular experience. Sometimes memories, feelings, and physical illness manifest that link to past experience and these must be absorbed and worked on in this phase.

Often messages ‘slip-out’ from the soul; where they are stored and work their way into consciousness. Usually, the soul is sending a message to examine this aspect/event so that additional learning might occur and we can move forward, working out and freeing us from our karma.


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