What Is Permanent?

by stewart

A common mistake that most of us make is that we think this was all meant to be permanent. It was never meant to be that way. We go through each day mostly blind to the fact that everything we see about us, including ourselves is transitory. We are here for a time and journey on.

It is only our love, consciousness and awareness of the Light that we take with us.

In an effort to maintain this illusion of permanence, people amass all manner of possessions, continually fulfill personal thoughts/desires, and struggle for power. This stimulates that part of our awareness, our ego, which is designed to move us along and keep us safe and alive. Here in this place, it is an essential part of life.

Further, what happens is that people lose balance, and think of them selves only. They do not keep both sets of awareness, spiritual and day to day, in their consciousness. Both sets, with corresponding action for self and others, are necessary for life in this phase.


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