Sign of Spiritual Maturity

by stewart

During the course of my life I have worried about many things. Anxiety/worry is an integral part of the human condition; being fearful, harm will befall those we love, our self, or events will not work out the way we want. Also fear serves as a warning, putting us on alert status, helping to protect.

Traveling a spiritual path does not free one from the struggles and fears of daily life. Spiritual learning and awareness, in part, is a personal tool useful for a multitude of purpose; and helps minimize time in the worry zone, often enabling the traveler to see things more clearly.

Many times fear/anxiety blind us from perceiving what is actually going on, and must be pushed aside like an old, tired and worn out shoe. Seeing what is actually in front of us, instead of what we have been conditioned to see, is a sign of spiritual maturity.


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