Observations On Conformity

by stewart

Even the non-conformist conforms to non-conformity.” Initially, don’t remember who said this, and in a sense it is true. These are the 2 main terrestrial forms that are part of our present Design and, for the most part, make-up our range of choice. However for the spiritual traveler there is a third option; one foot in the world and the other in the next. Seemingly on the surface appearing to conform or not- something else is going on: the situation being ‘in the world but not of the world.’

The following is what got me thinking, and the role of our institutions getting young people ready for modern life. Additionally how we all had to bend and struggle with being the same.

The other day I was watching a college basketball game on TV between two Universities and the camera panned to one of the school’s large marching bands; what struck me besides the obvious joy and excitement of the band members at being part of the pageantry: was the fact that each of the student’s held in hand their band instrument and the other a Smart cell phone. All festively dressed in band uniform, the camera had time to focus on about 10 of the members who alternatively were smiling, cheering, checking their phone and having a grand time.

I thought to myself, conditioning and necessity at its very highest- a Smart cell phone for everyone. Clearly this tech necessity has made someone enormously rich. Yes, often it is difficult to swim against the stream. Our modern lives play against this in so many ways.

Further I wondered, what happens should all the phones go dead. Is our tech vulnerability all part of someone’s sinister plan? Boy-I certainly hope not.

At times my mind can go into some dark places, and I have to check myself.


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