Quiet Part of Your Soul

by stewart

Seek the quiet part of your soul. It is an island where you can rest and connect with what you need to know.  All of this has been written many times before. It is nothing new. Perhaps it is the first time for you; or for others a repetition of past doctrine?

This quiet part of your soul knows. It is an organ of perception; something which has its own life.  This aspect of the soul is able to perceive the hidden impulses which originate from the distant shore.

You are nothing more than a link in a chain which extends far into the past and reaches into the future. What you can offer yourself and your children is an opportunity to drink of this wondrous heritage.

Work on yourself so you might become a channel through which this wisdom passes. It is within reach if you know how to grasp it.  Come forward and claim your birthright. It is yours for the taking.

In the morning and evening, seek the quiet part of your soul.  It is an island from which you may come forward, accept what is yours and live your dreams.



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