Prisons of the Mind

by stewart

Your mind is a prison.

It is also a door that opens

to infinite possibilities

that this world and the universe offer.


Here, by Design, you have been chained by your thoughts,

fears and imagining of things you desire,

and what you have been taught you should want.

This aspect of the mind

with its endless selfish needs,

serves as a friction pushing us forward

to the door of Higher Consciousness.


On another level, your mind is a boundary

between this world and the next;

without this door you would be of no use in this world.


Learn to go beyond yourself and the prison you helped create.

That is the beginning of the soul’s journey Home;

and in using this ability to go beyond self

you will awaken wondrous capacities

to help free self and others.


So how to start and where to begin?

Learn to see what is in front of you:

Not what you have been taught is there

but what is actually present.

Question what you learned about reality

and why you came here.


That is one way to begin.


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