Swatting Gnats at Dinner

by stewart

These last 2 days it has been very hot and extremely difficult to breathe; this heat and combination of air seems unnatural. Something purposeful and sinister is being done to our weather.

A few days ago, on public television there was a documentary about the WWII holocaust that was terrifying and disgusting for its cruelty. Sadly this has not been the only holocaust, or targeted extermination effort, over the last 100 years; there have been many and more are planned.

For example, remember what went on with the Rwanda Genocide where over a million innocent people were killed.

And do you think it is a coincidence that fires are devastating Canada, Maui, Greece and Turkey at about the same time. Further, now epidemics and lock downs are here year after year-with seemingly ready made vaccines. I wonder who profits from these consequences? Also what is really in those vaccine needles?

So where am I going with this. So if you haven’t come to realize there is a planned, centuries old, multi-level effort going on to depopulate and control the world; orchestrated by groups of very rich and powerful people, you are living in a fantasy.

To them, we- the majority of people, are nothing more that gnats that need to be swatted so they can go on with their dinner.


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