Darkness vs Light

by stewart

When you create a world where there is much confusion, unrest and the breaking down of long standing norms, who benefits?

When people can no longer pay their bills, feed their babies and family, are beset by mysterious illness, and fight extreme weather conditions who gains?

When there are wars, deadly prescriptive drugs, food and fuel shortages, racial unrest and gun violence, who profits?

For answers, look to history and those directing from the shadows.

Admist disorder certain factions can more easily run their game. And what is their game: to control, gain power and amass more money. Raise themselves while enslaving others. They sit at the top of the ‘food chain:’ some are visible and most hidden. The visible leaders, conceal their real motives with lies, avoid solving problems, blame others, offer to save us, yet create more unrest, preparing.

From the Darkness, this has been their work and Plan for generations- to over come the Light.

That will never completely happen. After much harm and struggle, Light triumphs.

That is the Order of things.


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