Out at the Boundary

by stewart

Out at the boundary of ordinary experience

there is a place of deep stillness and peace.

Nightly, it is here that I am content

and find myself listening to the Eternal.


The Eternal has a Voice that rarely speaks aloud-

yet communicates to that part of you

which is your inner most Being

and has taken you from world to world.


Listen to that part of you- it is your Authentic Self,

that many, have worked centuries to silence.

Since your birth, they have planed to distract you-

so they might fill your consciousness

with their own agenda and desires.


As often as you can, go to that place

far beyond the limits of every day life.

Here you will be reminded who you really are-

a Star for the Dark Night- an Eternal Beam of Light-

who has come here to Experience, Work and Contribute.


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