Fuel for the Fire

by stewart

Part of living in this multi-level world is having expectations, hopes, and desires.  Wanting things makes us human and pushes us forward to go and do all sorts of things. Without this energy of wanting or desiring- life would be empty indeed.

One of my desires or interests has long been to share my love of the Eternal with others; somehow I was born with an inner burning to express this connection and share it.

As a spiritual traveler, I have learned that having expectations with an inner burning is a double edged sword- cutting in many directions.  Yet, I move forward having very little choice in this matter- like a moth to the flame- I am pulled toward this eternal, mystical candle.

Over the next few months, I wish to share with you questions and answers that have longed filled my consciousness.  These have burned deeply and fortunately I have met other travelers who share this connection and burning; I have invited some of them to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences along the path and around these questions.

Similarly, I invite you to share in this dialog- a fire must have a place to burn. For awhile, may these questions and their answers provide fuel to stoke the fire of your heart.  

Q: In the world today, optimally, what is the role/potential of spirituality/religion in helping to create a better planet?

A: For me, Religion and Spirituality are not the same thing. Religion can be rigid with rules that set followers apart from others who do not believe as they do. Spirituality for me is fluid, my relationship with the Creator/God/Goddess is one on one. I adhere to high expectations of integrity without the threat of heaven and hell.
The world today is in chaos, the poor see how the rich and ruling classes live and they are angry. In this country the corruption and greed of our politicians is not even hidden from sight. Many people of different religions and spiritual paths feel this way. They are dissatisfied with injustice and complete greed. The world has become smaller with internet access, Facebook and Tweets. At large there are more people awake, angry and connected, something that was not available in the past. This is world is on a pivot point, it can turn towards the light or descend into darkness.
We are responsible for each other, we need to understand that everyone is connected. God’s spark is in every person, you only need to be aware of it. We are all capable of leaving this world far better than we found it. We all need and deserve more love and compassion.
Sometime look up at the stars on a clear night. The Creator is calling you…step up to the plate…divine love is calling..change your corner of this world. Love is a free gift…use it.
Rhonda Thaut, Washington, Iowa

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Rhonda Thaut December 1, 2011 at 12:14 pm

I read what you posted on the top, the part about being drawn in without a choice, how true. I always say this path chose me not the other way around. I read articles on Witchvox, written by young people and it makes me chuckle when they say they looked around and chose their path. I am on mine and sometimes when I get tired and try to wander off, someone or something comes along to grab my attention. I would say that is better than a smack on the snout with a newspaper from the cosmos. Sometimes I get drained and discouraged, we all do, but if I was given a choice of giving it all back, all the knowledge and all of heartache too, I would not. Even on the darkest days I would not change a thing. We need to remind ourselves sometimes to just sit still and allow God to work things out, it is all in the timing. I know you say that all the time and how true that is.


stewart December 1, 2011 at 1:12 pm

Hi Rhonda:

Thanks for the insight about having little choice as your Path chose you; this is one of the hallmark/true signs of the spiritual journey- being pulled forward by your path. Stewart


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