Bottled Water

by stewart

While grocery shopping, have you considered how many brands and the variety of bottled water available?  There is natural, cold spring, hot spring, sport, vitamin enhanced and countless diet and non-diet carbonated soda water.

Also, at meals, have you noticed how rarely water is the beverage of choice? In some restaurants, you have to ask for water before they will serve it; and it is not uncommon for some children, in their own home, to go days without a plain, glass of water.

It is the same with humanity’s religion.  There is an endless variety of forms, and for most people, the ‘water’ must be sweetened and dressed-up before they will drink it.


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Alaysia November 14, 2012 at 3:57 pm

What an eye-opening comparison. I have never looked at it quite like that, but it’s unquestionably true!


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