A Drop of Water

by stewart

Consider a drop of water, in its journey to the sea and how it undergoes change.

One day the drop is mist. The next it has become part of a passing cloud. On the third day, the drop falls onto the ground as a raindrop; eventually the drop seeps down into the earth and joins other drops as part of a mountain stream. Gradually this stream winds its way into a river and the river empties, along with the drop, into a mighty ocean.

In the next part of its journey, this drop of water as it lies in the ground may be frozen for a time and in the spring thaw join as part of a lovely flower. In time, the moisture in the flower evaporates back into the air and the drop, again, becomes part of a passing cloud. However, this time it falls on the earth as part of a winter snow. Eventually, the drop melts and seeps into the ground. Gradually, it resumes the journey of finding its way to the mountain stream, river and ocean.

Throughout its adventures, the drop changes many times, assumes different roles and learns about itself in a variety of ways. When it joins the ocean, the drop will be that much more complete and conscious of its potential.

In part, this is the nature of the soul’s journey through the many worlds.



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Alaysia April 26, 2013 at 2:55 pm

What a lovely analogy! Thank you Stewart!


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