Updated Teaching

by stewart

Generally people do not want a vision of the Truth. What they want is a teaching that fits their preconceived ideas.

When a vision is presented that does not fit their ideal it is rejected.  Sometimes, after the death of a Presenter and over time a vision is accepted.

Then people lament: ‘too bad he/she no longer is alive we could have learned much. At least, we have his/her teachings to guide us.’

Little do people realize, as time passes and people’s needs shift, these ‘prized teachings’ loose much of their relevance; hence, the necessity and reality of a living teacher.






Learning from Life- 11 Lessons

This piece has not been an easy one for me to write or think about. There is much that I would like to forget and get past. Also, I searched my motivation for this piece and concluded: it is based primarily upon the belief – life is the great classroom and we learn much from […]

Solving Problems

Often there is more than one way to work any problem. However, keep in mind, some options Have more costs than others; And because of circumstance Your solution may not be utilized. -SB


Spiritually, many travelers enter this world without a clue as to why they are here. It is a self-imposed amnesia of sort. Also, many leave this world not understanding why they came and why they leave. This amnesia or forgetfulness carries throughout their present existence. Fortunate are those who Remember: where they were and, upon […]

Profound Thoughts

Really I have nothing profound to say. In many ways, my thoughts and writings have all been thought and written down before. What I offer is a version of their current form. Many people are writing about the same theme: it is an Ancient One. “Know Thyself.” This is both a beginning and end. Also […]


When  pain is raging And life is kicking butt: All you want is to survive And have the pain subside.   Fancy, warm fuzzy statements Are for that in-between place; After the storm and wolf have gone.   Then, perhaps it is time to sum-up Restoring a semblance of balance. -SB

Putting Down Our Burden

Sometimes we have to put down our heavy load And let another carry-it. The road is long And from time to time We all need a little help. -SB  

Keep It Simple

When life becomes confusing and over whelming, there is a management technique I use that has been very helpful. I learned this technique while working at the psychiatric hospital and we were getting reading for our routine four year inspection by The Joint Commission; during our leadership meetings one of our Directors offered a personal […]

Gifts of Old Age

Now that I am past the stage of grey hairs and clearly reached ‘old age’ I have had some time to think about this issue. What exactly are the gifts of old age? O said another way, what are the benefits of growing older? Personally, I have a hard time coming up with a list. […]

Mess or Opportunity

One could make the case that this world is a mess and slowly we are destroying ourselves and this planet. There is much truth in this statement. However, some spiritual traditions, including the Sufis have a basic belief that over millennia we are rising higher spiritually and collectively: we will return to our home ‘far […]