Learning Structure

by stewart

In many things, discipline and hard work are essential.

In Higher Studies, these attributes provide a structure

Through which other things may develop and flourish.


And always, it is a matter of Grace and destiny.




Waiting for the Beloved

I have come to the end of the road; Having climbed many a hill And walked across many a valley. Always there was a burning, Yearning in my soul to continue, Climb and experience.   At the end of this trail I have learned that only 2 things Really matter: those I loved and the […]

Riding a Shinning Star

Sometimes life makes you laugh and just shake your head. Sometimes it just kicks you in the butt or in this case, lower back. For example, last week when I thought events were going badly with my health- un-expectantly another dimension was added. I was bending over to pick-up a leaf on our property and […]

Why Don’t We Remember Our Past Lives?

The book of your life Is filled with many blank pages; You are free to write on them Whatever you choose. * People do not remember past lives for several different reasons. Generally, this information is not pertinent to this experience and part of their journey. For some, this information would serve as a distraction […]

Karma & Slow Moving Lines

Today, I saw the Law of Karma operating right in front of me. Fortunately, I did not have to wait another lifetime to work my issue. While paying for medical prescriptions at the local pharmacy, I kept hitting incorrect display prompts on the credit card monitor. This display monitor asks multiple questions and requires signatures […]

This Old Campus

Awhile back, one of my associates suggested that I write about what is going on in my life; focusing on what it is like for me growing old. In the main, I have resisted doing this because I have struggled with the aging process; particularly as this period has filled with sickness, going to doctors […]

Cleaning Away The Dirt

After the long cold winter, cleaning up the grounds around our home has been a slow process. We have hired a part-time gardener to help and one of his tasks is replacing the missing colored, decorative gravel at the foot of our gravel driveway. Until the ground freezes, with each snow, the plow pushes both […]

Planting Seeds of Enlightenment – Dr. Bitkoff Radio Show Appearance

Here, I share a recent interview on GW Radio hosted by Moe from his studio in San Diego County, California. In this episode I speak to my spiritual experiences and teachings as a practicing Sufi in the United States. I also share about my latest book, The Appleseed Journal. Enjoy!    

Book Review: The Appleseed Journal

Book Review: The Appleseed Journal By Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, ‘California Bookwatch’ While most may readily recognize the name of Johnny Appleseed, which is widely connected with the propagation and popularity of apples, this same audience is just as unlikely to realize that Appleseed was actually a traveling minister with deep spiritual roots – and […]

My Role

One day, someone will ask: ‘what was your role in all of this?’ And the answer arrives from the distant shore: ‘sprinkling a few crumbs from the great loaf of wisdom so the birds of the field will not go hungry, remembering their Home in Paradise.’ -SB