Dr. Stewart Bitkoff Announces

2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner

Light On The Mountain: Finalist Inspirational Fiction

This is the legend of the Ancient One, a spiritual being that has been asleep for 1000 years. According to prophecy he awakens to lead the people of the city plain out of despair and oppression. Offering a message of hope and renewal, he sets in motion universal forces, which restore the balance.

This captivating tale parallels the challenges of modern society where wars rage with elusive terrorists, millions are homeless without shelter or nourishment and the rich continue to amass fortune. We are in need of a permanent solution to these age-old problems.

So come join the Ancient One as he brings Light to the mountain and reveals the inherent power of our collective human potential, working together and reaching higher.

To order your copy go to Amazon; available in paper and Kindle. Go to www.bit.ly/bitkofflight.


Controlling Our Thoughts & Feelings

“I saw my lower self in the form of a rat. I asked, “Who are you?”  It replied, “I am the destruction of the heedless, for I incite them to wickedness. I am the salvation of the friends-of-God, for if it were not for me, they would be proud of their purity and their actions. […]

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Plan for Humanity

While some look at this world and see chaos and destruction, others see optimism and growth. Yes both are present; and beyond these opposites, what is actually occurring? According to Tradition humanity is evolving to a higher state; this is over millennia- and if you wonder at your role in all of this check out […]

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The Higher Service

Duty is a task that you must accomplish; it is a requirement of the situation and something which many people can do.  For example if you are a baker you must come to work on time, complete your work and act responsibly to customers and co-workers.  These are some of the general duties of a […]

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Reviews: Light on the Mountain

Looking for a read that will lift you higher and help you focus on what can be done to help make you and this world better? Check out 3 new reviews of my book.   Amazon, 5 Star Review I have known Stewart for some years now and have read most of his writings. I […]

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Part of the Eternal Oneness

In order to create and maintain our body, each person is a killer and destroyer. Daily consuming thousands of living organisms: fish, plant, vegetables, animals, grains and in our water countless microorganisms.   So in every act of creation, we are destroying, altering and changing; evolving one form into another. Here in this moment both […]

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What The Mystic Knows

When looking at the world Darkness and Light: That is the way It has always been; With a thousand shades Of color in between.   In this moment Where do you stand? Are you a radiance Of the Light Or a shade of Darkness?   O spiritual traveler, Harken, you are both Of these things […]

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Light on the Mountain: A Personal Message

One of the things about writing books is that you would like people to read them. It is one thing to be a famous writer or have a class you are teaching where there is an audience ready to see what you have to say. In my case, the situation is a little different; I […]

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Review: Light on the Mountain

Check out another excellent review of my new book. Note, this book was written specifically to help each of us reach higher during these troubled times.   Book Review: Light on the Mountain   Light on the Mountain will appeal to readers of spiritual fiction and spirituality, those who enjoy philosophical parables, and new age […]

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Three Book Reviews: Light on the Mountain

Three Book Reviews: Light on the Mountain   1) I have spent many years reading all kinds of books on spiritual topics. This is one of the rare books that I have come across that gets right to the heart of the matter. Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we […]

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