Book review of amazon of Stewart Bitkoff’s Light on the Mountain.

Filaments of Light surrounded me as I began reading the first page of Light on the Mountain. From the first page The Legend of the Ancient Ones begins to unfold its wisdom in Dr. Bitkoff’s inimitable style. Like all good stories, it transports the reader from the mundane to the deeper layers of our being, the source of our commonality and connection with the external and internal realities in this world and underlying the fabric of the material world. As Joseph Campbell said, speaking of myths and legends in an interview with Bill Moyers, they are written to (enable us) to touch the eternal, to understand the mysterious, to find out who we are.[1] I repeat, to find out who we are.

The setting describes a location without name that can be anywhere and yet it is everywhere. The story speaks about a “magical, glowing light,” yet its thrust takes us to very tangible problems in the world; liberators can take a turn toward greed and without even noticing, plunging a people into war and of liberators turning into oppressors; and most of all, of people finding their way out of what binds them and into freedom. The story speaks of times when all seems to be lost and of how we can turn problems into solutions. We need to search for these solutions and we can find them if we are open to receive them.

In just a few words, the author’s story can manage to describe the history of nations, their wars and tribulations, and how they evolve out of it and how easily it is to forget the way unless one is very careful to maintain their touch with the Light. The author writes, the Ancient One uses words, but the message is received at a deeper level than mere words.

But I’ll let the author unfold his story. I have not revealed too much, because I have told you nothing. You have to read the book. Allow the author to weave his story, read it not with your everyday mind, but with your inner mind and, if just for a few hours, permit its magic weave itself within you. You may be surprised. Transformation is in the air!


[1] Ep. 2: Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth — ‘The Message of the Myth’ June 22, 1988


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