This is for those who are being trampled by a health system that doesn’t cure- with medications which cause more illness, a disability system that doesn’t help and a political system that is corrupted by greed. I remember a doctor friend of mine offering: “If you want to control a population, one way is to keep people sick and going to doctors. Also there is more money in illness than cures.”

Through personal experience I have made-up my mind about this sort of thing, but perhaps you haven’t. Consider what is written below and consider further, what do we do about it?
When You Destroy Hope


For 10 minutes yesterday

I had hope.  It rocked

My world- filling me

With possibilities of being cured.

Hope- such a powerful ointment!

Hope- can change the course of a life.

Now, reality is slowly creeping back in.


It seems to me

There must be a special place in hell

For all of those people who rob us

Of our potential by deliberately

Destroying our hope and dreams;

Doing this in so many ways. . .


In America, sadly our world is filled

With these people;

And they know precisely

What they are doing

Just so they can hold onto power,

Money and feeling superior.


For some people they can never have enough

And they get more by stealing, denying and killing.

Never looking back . . .



Race Is Run

When the race is run And you have won and lost What is there left to discover? It was in the running Was the joy. -SB

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How High We Can Climb?

Yesterday as I was waiting in line at the grocery store, it occurred to me that life has a way of coming full circle.  As I struggled with physical pain and growing impatience waiting, compounded by persistent aches, I remembered back to when I was a community worker helping severely disabled mentally ill people.  Often […]

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Touched The Robe

Ultimately this life is about you and what you want and wish to accomplish.  Life is something you make-up as you go along and is dependent upon multiple factors. The key to all of this is who you are and how you react to various stimuli- always you are a central focus. A paradox is […]

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Unique Filter

You are a unique filter through which this world enters.  Therefore by definition, your experience will be different than others, and because you are also part of the human race at other times the same.  How then do you always expect to agree with everything you see, hear about and read?  Also we must remember, […]

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What Is Possible

Always life is the great teacher. Learned this again today when circumstances didn’t work out the way I hoped. Have been working on this problem for quite sometime and it continues to go- the way it must go. “Sometimes, it isn’t a matter of what you want, but what is possible . . .”

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A Criteria

People come to teachers for many reasons: some come to be reassured, or to find wisdom, others for healing; some to fill the loneliness, or to find peace and others for the miraculous.  While all these blessings may be benefits of sitting with a wise one- early on, we were given specific instructions about our […]

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Self-Development: Variability & Singularity

I Wonder Why?   Sometimes I wonder why There are so many people, And why There are thousands of birds, And why The earth is filled with insects, And why The ocean has all those fish, And why The land nourishes plants, And why There are so many things I can’t name them all.   […]

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Which World?

For the mystic each moment is a battle and inner crisis. Which world to inhabit?  The day to day cares of the physical or the call to that which is Highest. Often pulled in 2 directions- like a rubber band on a child’s toy; my heart calls out, ‘O Lord, take me where You Will.’ […]

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Becoming Our Own Holy One

Q: In our culture, who assumes the role of holy one? In more traditional cultures this was a central figure that people recognized easily. In traditional cultures an important figure was the holy man or holy woman. Often they advised the chief, understood and prescribed medicine, and helped pass along the oral history of the […]

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