Yes. Have you ever gotten into a discussion with your significant other where both were at polar opposites? For example one wishes to paint the house and the other does not. In this situation, we are not considering if the house needs paint, to what degree and by which standard but simply if the people involved want it painted. In this scenario there is no correct answer and in time a compromise is reached, one gives into another or the matter remains unresolved.

Now one of the characteristics of indoctrination systems, is they foster particular beliefs and offer others who disagree are incorrect. Each will claim that they are “really right.” This type of belief system is rigid with little room for difference and is the most difficult to engage in compromise. Examples of indoctrination systems exist within political, religious and extremist groups. Followers of indoctrination systems often oppose anyone who does not believe similarly.

One might think that indoctrinated people are single minded extremists and maybe a bit crazy. Therefore due to their beliefs, it would be easy to recognize, discount or even marginalize them. However, this is not always so, because sometimes we are the indoctrinated. What makes indoctrination so insidious is that we are often unaware of our own intolerance, prejudice, feelings of privilege and dogmatism.

Now let us turn for a moment to specific religious or spiritual beliefs. For example, does reincarnation exist or not? People’s beliefs, opinions and religious doctrines are all over the place on this. Some religions claim reincarnation is true and others do not. Additionally, some religions state specific circumstances under which it occurs and many details. Yet, to someone of another faith, this is not a central issue and according to his or her belief system, reincarnation does not exist.

Well, which view is correct? As with our example: about painting the house, perhaps both or neither? Also in this matter we must consider the energy produced by believing and the effect it has upon reality. In the medical field, doctors and other healers are becoming aware people who believe they are going to get well have a greater chance of recovering from serious illness. The energy around belief, in part, leads to recovery.

Or perhaps there is a dimension, or energy engendered by belief, when attached to a possibility serves as a catalyst and causes things to occur.

The universe is a vast place and it is possible for all kinds of things to be true simultaneously. This is perhaps one of the hardest things to accept, but if you look closely in your day to day life, you will see that this shows itself to be true in numerous ways.

Now one person believes there is a God and another does not. Are both correct? On one level: yes. On the level of personal belief and experience both are correct. Yet ultimately, in the larger universe, only one is accurate.

It is possible for people to believe things that are not true for others and in time, it is possible for them to accept something else. People believe and accept at the level to which they are most comfortable. Also it is possible for people to believe something and cause it to happen. The individual, who goes around believing they are accident prone, creates a state of consciousness that helps pull mishaps toward them. Then others start observing, “Boy, she is really accident prone.” And the belief of others starts to make that state of consciousness even stronger. So more accidents happen!


This excerpt is from my new book: Beyond The River’s Gate. Book is available on in paperback, Kindle format or local bookstore.

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