Love Song

by stewart

I want to leave you with a song that will set your soul afire and lead you back to the land from which you came. This song has been playing since time was an idea carried on the universal wind. This song resides in the deep stillness of your soul and takes on a melody when you breathe out the notes.


Come my children- sing out with me so we might bring forth a resounding chorus to make the heavens weep and flowers bloom in the sweet sun shower of eternal light.


Then all children of the universe will be at peace, singing in the empyrean Light of humanity’s greatest achievement . . . their own love song.



Better World & Spiritual Learning

It takes a village to raise a child. -African Proverb Introduction Let us continue with our discussion on how to make a better world.* The premise offered is that a better world is created by creating better people; better people are created, in part, by adding the missing ingredient: conscious spiritual awareness.  As this traditional […]

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Review: Beyond The River’s Gate

Check out recent review of Beyond The River’s Gate: Beautifully inspiring and clear! Wonderful book!  I  bought it months ago and then put it aside to read later. Recently,  I started to read it and  I realize this is a book that can take us “Home” … the Home wiithin our own Hearts. Finally, a […]

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Seeing The Illusion

“O my Lord, if I worship Thee for fear of hell, burn me in hell; and if I worship Thee for hope of Paradise, exclude me thence; but if I worship Thee for Thine own sake, with hold not from me Thine eternal beauty.”  -Rabia  For the spiritual traveler, in order to unlock what lies […]

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Completing Evolution

Introduction   In order to affect a great work, there must be the combining of factors or a confluence of essences. For the spiritual traveler to reach completion, and assume an active role in their own higher destiny and the higher destiny of the universe, this process involves an interaction between student, teacher and Path. […]

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How to be Spiritual Amidst this Chaos?

Circumstances have overtaken man. His old languages are not sufficient to describe what is happening, and what is about to happen. To think in terms of a millennium or such tame concepts as ‘the eleventh hour’ is ridiculous. Better that he should realize that he is in an era which might be more accurately described […]

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Religious Form: Internal & External Reality

Let your heart be in such a state that the existence or nonexistence of anything is the same. Then sit alone in a quiet place, free of any preoccupation, even the reciting of the Koran or thinking about its meaning. Let nothing besides God enter you. Once you are seated in this manner, say, “Allah, […]

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Inner Conflict

Sufis have long held that the inner war- Jihad, the fight between a traveler’s higher and lower nature is a moment by moment struggle. Those who are somehow able to turn toward their higher self and use, in daily life, their access to spiritual awareness are on the road to enlightenment. This world is made […]

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What If

What if all the money, energy, thought and time Used for war and countries fighting each other Was used to feed the hungry, care for the sick And help those in dire need?   Yes, what if all across the world Soldiers, sailors and flyers Turned their attention and energy To healing and building Instead […]

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Forgetting The Magic

One of the problems growing older Is that we often cannot see The wonders of everyday life.   Daily focused on different tasks We get lost in the details; And lose sight of the magic That holds life together.   Remembering anything is possible; Only as we wear the Wizard’s Cloak. -SB  

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