Beings of Light

by stewart

Much has been Taken

And much has been Given.


You were sent out into a world

That was corrupted and controlled

By the very institutions designed

To protect, enrich and educate.

These structures have been used to help create

A distorted picture of who you are.


You are a Child of Light;

A spirit which has taken a human form

To learn, experience and contribute to the lives of others.

For many, this mission and life calling

Has been diverted and watered down in a hundred ways.


This is a time of Awakening-

Embrace and reclaim who you are.

Push aside the notions that constrain you.

You can be just about anything your heart desires.

Do not listen to those who would control

And bind you to material forms.

These forms are useful in daily life but not the goal.


The Goal is to free you

And build a world of Light;

Where there is love, brother hood

And mutual respect and cooperation.


See how far you have strayed-

Yet you can regain what is yours.

Open to the possibility

That you are more than what you have been taught

By well wishing and sometimes controlling influences.


You are an Eternal Being sent here

To illuminate the Darkness.

O Spiritual Traveler, Rise up!

Take back what is Yours!


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