Planned Obsolescence

by stewart

I am older and recall a time in the world of cars, when planned obsolescence was a focus. In past decades, typically, Detroit designed a car to begin needing regular repair at 50 k miles and it was rare that a vehicle reached 100 k without a major problem.

It occurs to me, that several forces in our world have taken this concept and applied it to people. We all know that we were designed to have a finite life but I realize more each day that people have been targeted with disease and a decaying environment so they can hobble along needing services that make others big money. Just look at the pharmaceutical industry- pills that don’t cure and give you other physical problems. A medical system designed to keep you alive rather than cure. An environment and food chain that has been corrupted and contributes to people’s illness. I can go on, but you need to come to this realization on your own for it to be most effective.

So when your body is aching, your mind is foggy and you wonder why you are no longer ‘kicking it.’ It is not routine old age- you are a planned target of obsolescence and slow decay. Fall apart gradually so we can make money providing services, and while you are absorbed in just trying to survive- we can continue to run our game.

So what to do about it? There is emerging a revolution in thought, consciousness and action that a battle is going on. A battle between good and evil and that people must speak out and resist what has been placed on them. Shed the chains of the way we have been living, controlled and governed; reach Higher and go toward the Light. Making selves and the world better. Work on your self and help the people around you- this will result in better things for everyone.


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