Nature Lesson(s)

by stewart

Like a drop of water

You have undergone change.

First you were part of a cloud

Now you are in a stream.

Tomorrow you will again become mist

Evaporating back into the air-

Helping to create another cloud.


O child of the universe-

What is the point

Of this endless cycle

Of change and renewal?


What must you do

To break free?-SB

*          *

Up ahead is a fallen tree. Lying on the forest floor; slowly decaying, returning to the earth. Now, all manner of woodland creatures draw sustenance from its broken trunk and limbs.

One day, you will be like this tree. Yet, your soul will have traveled Home. Learn from this process. Ponder its meaning. While you are here, make of your hours a celebration of love and service.-SB

*          *

In my hand, see this beautiful rare, red rose; it represents your life. The colors are strikingly bright and its fragrance sweet. Opening to enjoy the sun, and closing to protect itself from the rain.

Learn from this flower; embrace your beauty and share your gifts with all those who wish to drink the nectar. Remember, your hours in the sun are fleeting and are to be enjoyed; shared with your garden.-SB

*          *

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