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Turtle and Grasshopper were seated outside Turtle’s burrow, watching dragon flies circle the lily pads.  Suddenly a bull-frog jumped and snatched one of the flies right out of the air.  Sitting on a pad, the frog enjoyed a mid-afternoon snack.

After a few moments of watching this, Grasshopper turned toward Turtle and questioned: “What happens when we die?  Why does one feed off another?  Why this endless struggle?”

With a gentle voice, Turtle replied. “In the order of things, there is a balance.  All things are connected and joined.  Without the dragonfly, the frog could not live.  Without the frog, the balance of the Pond would be lost.  The frog helps keep the number of flies and other bugs in order. In this connection, there is energy and purpose: as the body of the fly joins into the frog, so, the energy of the fly lives on.  Also the spark which gave the fly life, at the moment of physical death, leaves the body and travels upward.  That is the part that lives forever.

Remember everything is joined.  Elements which are in the plants, trees and animals are also within us.  These are the elements which make up our body.  Yet, the other part, or spark of life, is of another dimension.  This is the spirit and is part of the spiritual realm.

Many are the claims about the next world.  Each path has a vision of this.  While views differ, all are united in that there is life after Pond.  This is the distant world.

Just as you and I must one day decay and our bodies become part of the earth and Pond, so another part lives on.  Joyfully we rejoin the Light.”

Then Turtle stopped.

As Grasshopper thought about what Turtle said, Grasshopper realized Turtle only answered the first part of the question.

Why the struggle?  What really happens at the moment of death?

The Lesson

And as Grasshopper watched the frog leap for another dragonfly, Grasshopper realized something.

  • This struggle exists so that it might be transcended.
  • The leap of faith, or understanding, was possible only through intuitive or spiritual knowledge.
  • The lasting answer was a spiritual one.  Words could not describe the transcendent nature of the soul and answer all the mind’s questions.
  • Reason took you to the door; higher knowledge set you free.  It was a matter of knowing or spiritual experience.

Then Turtle looked at Grasshopper and realized Grasshopper had become illuminated.  He was beginning to learn.



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