Gifts of Sadness & Prophetic Visions

by stewart

Gifts of Sadness

Today the gift of sadness

Has again visited me. Causing my heart

To ache and burn for yesterday-

Memories of places, people

And opportunities

To laugh, sing and love

Long gone, evaporated into the sky.


O how I wish to travel

Back to yesterday,

But that road is blocked

And a deep ravine blocks my way.

I can clearly see that road

And almost touch it with my heart,

Yet gone are the people,

Animals and bird songs.


They live someplace

But not in that vision-

For that street is now empty of old friends.

Going back is blocked, forbidden

And today I live only in a sad memory.

A mist fills my eyes,

A pain tears at my heart

And I cry out- ‘O Lord,

Why can’t I go back?’


Then, a smile crosses my lips

And a knowing caress whispers to my heart-

‘You must travel further

There are other songs, people,

Experiences and places to visit.

Now, mired in this place

That you call your health

And home,

Remember, you are always free

To fly-up on the morning wind

And Join me Anew-

But only for a moment,

Until- it is time to go Home.’


So, now I journey

With this gift of sadness-

Knowing without it

I would not use my Wings

To fly-up on the wind;

Wondering, reaching out

For tomorrow’s song.


*      *

Prophetic Visions

What good is all the prophecy of the wise ones?

Very few travelers heed

and make preparations

to avoid damaging potentials.

Being warned of a storm

or negative event, collectively,

should result in positive action

and minimize outcomes-

yet, how often is this forthcoming?

O such is the condition of humanity.






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