A Dream

by stewart

Estevez the water bug hadn’t been feeling well.  He had a headache for days and now his stomach was beginning to ache.  When he got like this, it was a sign that his body was shutting down: too much of everything; too many water micros to eat; too many trips to the far rocks to catch micros; and too many discussions with bug-lings about micro-harvesting and the Light of the universe.

At this point, all Estevez could feel was a throbbing in his bug head and a dull pain in his bowels.  It was time to sleep and rest and recover.  Affixing himself to the underside of a large rock, Estevez fell fast asleep.

As Estevez slept and his body mended, somehow, the world of Pond did just fine without him.  Water bugs continued to play and harvest micros.  Mothers instructed their bug-lings in the things they needed to know. Bugs, in search of micros, made trips to the distant rocks.

While Turtle and Grasshopper noted Estevez’ absence from their weekly discussion group, both thought Estevez must be doing something really important. They reasoned Estevez wouldn’t miss a discussion unless it was unavoidable. So Turtle or Grasshopper did not worry or check on their friend.

The Lesson   

And as Estevez slept, he dreamt of a Pond which was full of Light: a Pond where bugs and creatures thought of others as frequently as themselves; a Pond where the sick and injured were treated with kindness and recognized for a heavier burden they carried; and this was a Pond where bug-lings laughed, and everyone shared the love they held in their heart for each other.

During his sleep, Estevez realized he was dreaming.  This was not a real place; this Pond existed in his mind.  Estevez was enjoying himself and did not want to wakeup.  It was more beautiful and joyful than anything he had ever experienced.

Then, Estevez heard a command.  Where it came from, he was unsure: ‘Awake!  Make this dream come true.’

When Estevez awoke, somehow, the pain in his stomach was gone and his head was clear.  He was filled with energy and purpose, and was determined to make his dream come true.  What had been taken from him for the last few days, now, was replaced with something finer.

Unfortunately, Estevez realized he did not know how to make this dream come true.  So, he decided to visit with Turtle and seek his guidance.

Turtle explained, ‘Sickness is the great teacher.  When we are ill, the physical world is taken.  When we lose our every day tasks and activities for a time, we question what is really important and lasting.

Your dream was your answer.  Seek the Light in all things and you will be rewarded.  Follow the path we follow, and one day the Pond of your dreams will come true.  On another level, it is already real.  Remember, this dream is for everyone.


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