World Migratory Bird Day

by stewart

Earlier this week I was informed that May is Lupus Awareness Month.

Today, I glanced at our refrigerator calendar and read that May 14th is World Migratory Bird Day. I bet you didn’t know that? Personally, I had no clue.

I have often wondered who decides this kind of thing? Is there an empowered Committee someplace that gets paid to vote on this and you have to submit an entry? Or individuals just decide, its a good marketing thing to do, will help people out and proclaim it.

Further, do people in various countries know this is Lupus Awareness Month or May 14th is World Migratory Bird Day. With all their local problems and concerns, how much can they care? Also, whose job is it to let them know?

Sometimes, I think people just make stuff up and see how far they can go with it.


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