Completing the Circle

by stewart

I write because I have to write; there is something deep inside of me that must be freed, expressed and shared with others.  For the most part, I enjoy this process and it helps me feel connected to my higher self and the Universal, Higher Impulse.

Over the years, I have learned that selling this material is a totally different ball game. In order to get my writing in people’s hands so they can enjoy and be lifted higher, I must become a salesmen, promoter and tireless advocate.  It is in this aspect of the journey that I fall short.

Yet, I am not worried, because this writing originates from the distant shore and is designed to water people’s heart; therefore, I leave this material to the Giver and he/she will do with it what is required.

By Design, if only one heart is to be touched by this gift, then the circle is complete. The Giver will make it so.


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