Beyond The Tears

by stewart


My mother used to say, “When you have your health- you have everything.”

In the main, she was right about this and it is only when we experience a personal failing in this area, for self or loved one, do we fully comprehend the depth of this statement.

It is one of those truths that only life can fully teach. There is pain, fear, and the taking away of cherished activity.  And no matter how compassionate others may be- it is only when they themselves taste this multi-level experience which is essential to life, do they fully comprehend its enormity.

Beyond the tears, beyond the fear of pain and death, gradually, there is stillness and healing; if we are lucky, this reminds us we are all beings of Light- who are Immortal- and this change/deterioration  is  temporary and part of the physical experience; leading us on to the next stage.


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