Timeless Conflict

by stewart

Since the beginning this struggle has been with us.

There is an Ancient Darkness upon the land. Long has this Evil been in the shadows and now has emerged, full blown again, to challenge the way we live.

Many are those who have taken-up with this Shadow World and wear the Mask of Deceiver; they are all about us and have been here for a long time doing their work. That is why our world continues filled with chaos, sickness, misery and hate. Their biggest weapon is fear and confusion they create; often setting one group against another. This distraction is purposeful so we will not look their way.

Rise up O Children of the Light; tend the flame, shatter the Darkness and use all your abilities to Climb Higher. That is the part we play in this timeless conflict; now is our time.

Assistance will arise from the Unseen Forces, and each must raise a sword.


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