Announcing My New Book: Songs Against The Darkness

by stewart

A Book For Today’s Dark Times

We are living in a dark, tumultuous time and, according to the wise, are transitioning from darkness into Light.

At the time of this writing, our world is experiencing great suffering, death and fear; everyone caught in a pandemic which is threatening hundreds of millions physically, emotionally and economically.

During this stressful period, to help ease our fear and offer guidance, here are some ‘songs to sing.’

What’s Inside

In Book One, ‘Rosetta’s Stone’ offers a dark novelette that follows Rosetta as she takes a retrospective look across her life. She is awaiting the arrival of her 2 sisters who she hasn’t seen in years and memories of both dark and enjoyable times fill her mind.

Next in Book Two, we have a collection entitled ‘Raising A Candle’ which offers 60 poems and short pieces examining the interplay of darkness and Light.

Last in the Appendix, there is an article ‘How to be Spiritual Amidst this Chaos’ which presents spirituality as a tool to help get through chaotic times.

I hope you enjoy this collection, and it makes your day a little brighter.


Songs Against the Darkness

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