Helping & Working Together

by stewart

If people want to know why the world is the way it is, from my view (which is a very ancient one), some people are consistently putting their need ahead of the need of others.

While it is natural to think of oneself, and act in our best interest, there comes a time when helping another and thinking of their need as equal to our own is a matter of practical necessity.

We are in one of those situations now- a public health crisis all across the world; when we must treat our neighbor as our self and look out for their health as well our own.

Yet many people do not see it this way and foster their own agenda (I know what is right and no one can tell me what to do); consequently we all suffer.
This pattern of my need versus yours is as old as humankind and hence our bloody history.

Perhaps, one day we will rise higher.

Now is one universal opportunity and for many a survival necessity.

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