You Must Be the Change in a World Gone Upside Down

by stewart

Background Story

Some time back, my wife and I stopped at the local diner for some lunch. When we came out of the restaurant, I noticed that another vehicle had hit our car, marking-up and scratching the paint job on the front bumper and left fender. Now we have had this late model car for about 2 months and to us this is our long awaited new car.

Of course there was no note on the car from the driver who had hit us. In fact, it was a hit and run, and I would have been shocked if the driver had stepped to the plate and admitted the accident. So we were left to pay for this out of our own pocket; this will cost us about $900 and for many reasons it was not reported to our Insurance Carrier. We had just switched carriers, saving hundreds of dollars, and there is a $500 deductible on our new policy. So it made sense for us to absorb the cost our self.

After I dropped my car off at the auto body place for repair, I was picked-up by the Car Rental provider. At the car agency, as I waited my turn, another couple was returning their rental. They too had their car hit while it was parked outside a local store and when they came out saw the damage. Again there was no note by a driver claiming responsibility and they, like me, chose to avoid the Insurance Company and absorb the cost.

So what is wrong with this picture?

  • People not stepping-up, admitting and taking responsibility for their harmful action.
  • Consumers reluctant to report accidents to their Insurance Company for fear their policy rates will go up.
  • I didn’t report this incident to the local police; not sure how they would be of assistance. In the past, Officers were sympathetic but unable to solve this type of hit and run crime.
  • Nowadays people accept dishonest behavior as the norm and are shocked when some one does the right thing. In fact, honest caring behavior is so uncommon, that we make a big deal about it when it occurs. Just watch some of the local news reports and you will see what I mean. As the norm, what ever happened to honesty and people looking out for each other? Certainly, it is taught every Sunday at the local church. Perhaps, teaching it just one day a week is not enough to make it stick? Maybe, we need more examples of people being honest every moment of the day.
  • To me, it seems, morally the times we live in are upside down. The right way seems to be the crooked way; sadly I know how things are righted and, be aware, this is a painful path. Just read any Holy Book, it is filled with many examples.
    Of course, perhaps, I am just being naïve and people have always been out for them selves. Somehow I just don’t think so…

What to do About It?

OK. Where am I going with this latest rant? Yes these are dark times and many people are out for themselves. This is nothing new. So what am I going to do about it?

You know, it doesn’t have to be this way. Every moment of the day, we make decisions which affect our collective lives. We can reach higher and make this world a gentler place; life is a reality we create with every thought and action.

Personally, make a decision to choose the higher road; and make my/your life an example to self and others.

This is what you/I can do about it!

A better world starts with you and me. Consciously make an effort to choose the higher road. And when we are unable to do so, make an effort to clean-up, and amend the situation. Remember what a wise man had to say about all of this.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.


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