The Great Awakening

by stewart

Know that which you have been Given

Is enough for the Journey.


O spiritual traveler, there are many worlds left to travel.  Do you really believe that your loved ones who have gone on ahead no longer exist?  They are waiting for you; singing and dancing in the Light of Eternal Union. One day you too will awaken to embrace this Reality.

This world is but a shadow of the next.  Know there is work to be done and little time.  Prepare for the next stage by attending to the duties of this world.

Do everything you do with love; and the realization that it is an expression of the eternal you.  And remember, the eternal you is an expression of the Lord of the Universe.

Cast Aside Old Shoes

All the dreams you ever had and all the thoughts you ever experienced are no longer necessary. They were there to take you to a certain point, then, they must be discarded like an old pair of shoes.  Begin the work of the next realm in this one.  Discard your old life, the life that was lived for self and embrace the eternal you.  It is covered over by  layers of dust and secondary selves.  In this journey, there comes a point when these selves are to be pushed aside.  Learn this technique; these veils hide the Truth.

Each traveler is a web of shifting patterns which combine to form their personality.  These patterns are like ocean waves which ebb and flow.  Learn how they undulate and how you have come to call this pattern: your personality and individuality.  Far beyond these wave patterns, lies that which is true and part of the Eternal Truth.  This self was the Force which guided you into this world and is the self which will take you to the next phase.

Stop wasting time by bemoaning all the years you spent tending to what you considered important.  That was necessary and part of the Plan.  Now, heed what is also part of the Plan.  Learn to discard, or push aside, the shifting patterns. Study them. They are consistent. This deception has been ongoing for centuries. You are no different then those who came before you. Do the work of the next realm in this one.

And just as there are patterns within you, so, there are patterns around you.  The design of human history is essentially the same.  There are cycles of birth, life and death. Recognize them and you will become their master.  For you will see past the illusion and know the reality.

Why did you enter this realm and why will you leave?  Are these questions not the same for their answer is singular: to learn and to serve.  Yes, we enter to learn and serve; and in this service: we experience and grow in our understanding of the Eternal Truth.  And as we learn, we see perfection resides in Giving. We are all part of one family and have a job to do.  We are to contribute to the benefit of all and use our individual talents in this regard.

Beyond Everyday Events

How does one begin the work of the next realm in this world?  By looking past the every day events and focusing on what is lasting. Only Truth and God is lasting.

How does one learn to do this?  It can only be taught by those who have attained and are guardians of this secret.  At one time, this capacity was as natural as breathing, but because of desire it was forgotten. Yet there are those who pass on this secret, and once again this capacity will be awakened in all humanity.  This is the Great Awakening humanity awaits and we all share in the joy.

While you are a traveler in this realm, it is your responsibility to do the tasks which are set before you and seek to follow the Path.  The Path is Submission of the Commanding self to the Higher self; which is the original Path of service to humanity.  Service is on many levels and there are many tasks to perform. When the eternal you, conquers your Commanding self; the Union is complete. As necessary, the Eternal Truth uses the servant to perform the higher work and we all benefit.

See The Design

Learn to master the patterns of your Commanding or transparent self and you will gradually see the patterns about you.  Then like a weaver you will be able to create according to the larger Design that is emerging.

Do not think that once you begin this work you will be free of other duties.  These are in addition to the ones you already have and are essential to the higher ones.  The Eternal Truth has created this world as a vehicle through which the Truth can spread.

You ask, of what use are all of these words and questions?  They are but the spark which ignites the fire. They like the kindling, wood, and oxygen are essential to the task.  You will never find your own answer unless you pose your own question.  Words are one vehicle through which the Higher self manifests.

Go further. Go further. Always there is another obstacle to overcome. This Path is without end.  Once you reach the end; it is really the beginning, again.

When the Eternal Light wishes to shine upon your heart, you cannot run away.  It cannot be turned off and you cannot hide from its effect. These are Truths which must be shared.

Of necessity that which originates in another realm

Must undergo change to manifest in this One.



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