Who We Are?

by stewart

According to tradition, humanity originated ‘far beyond the stars’ and is on a journey back to its Source.  While in the earth phase, there are numerous opportunities to embrace ‘our real’ or ‘lasting nature’ and begin the spiritual journey back home.  In this physical world, because we are in a sense estranged from our real or lasting nature, which is spiritual, there is an unease and inner hunger that pushes us onward to search and make the connection back home. While in this world, many become fooled and the fill the inner hunger with all manner of things and further compound the problem of remembering who they are.

Like ET in the movie, we need to contact home, through our inner awareness, so the factors can align and we can start the return journey.

Now, while in the earth phase, because of its diversity, beauty and splendor, each spiritual traveler has the opportunity to create and join in Kingship with the Creator. Daily, we create our own multiple level realities and in this world of opposites, we create multiple opportunities to express who we are.  Inside each of us is a spark a piece of the Life Force; that is our guiding element and leads us through the many worlds back home.

O spiritual traveler, rise-up and know who you really are; temporarily, shed the identity that has been placed about you by others and the wondrous physical form you have taken. On some levels this physical form is an illusion, a contrast and story, created to help, hurt, contain and even set you free.  Even though many are well intentioned, there were fooled by this riddle of physicality and spirituality; ultimately, the contrast and duality exists to help you, and you may enjoy the wonders.  You can experience and create it all, as long as you Remember- go deep within and experience who you really are- you are a child of Light.


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